The Empowerment Project

Welcome, I’m Jane Elley.
I teach New Zealand women how to
crush mindset blocks find their
purpose and set big goals to reach
next-level success in life,
career or business!

Ready to take a leap of faith because you’re. . .


  • Frustrated at your need for personal growth – but not sure how to start?
  • Feeling massive resistance about changing your future but want to do it anyway!
  • Resentful about not earning what you deserve in your job and know it’s time to start your own business –  but don’t know where to begin?
  • You’re burnt out, exhausted, and chronically over-delivering in all the wrong places, and now its time for you!
  • Feel like you’ve stalled, and are even going backwards in life, career or business?
  • Have personal doubt’s about being ‘enough’ and/or ‘able’ to make your dreams a reality!
  • Been busy doing everything for everyone – and now its time for you – but WHAT?!
  • Constantly stressed, feeling overwhelmed about life, money and need to defrag and reset!
  • You just need a break away – take time out and make new goals, plans and treat yourself at our Wellbeing & Rejuvenation Retreat’s!

Then The Empowerment Project Is For You!

Everyone is unique, has different goals, plans and needs so there is
a diverse range of mentoring packages to suit . . . 
  • Personal 1-1 sessions
  • Weekly coaching and group online courses
  • Workshops and Courses
  • Retreat’s
  • Networking groups and lunches
Each will train, help you change old habits, create new ones,
support and keep you accountable!

My passion Is in helping you . . .

Uncover that positive, confident person you really want to be so you get to live your life on purpose as you get to enjoy the career or business of your own design!

✔ Dig deep & overcome any fears,  doubts, and procrastination tendencies that are stopping you from reaching your full potential!

✔ Build on your strengths that build your confidence to the point where you know and fully believe you can rely on yourself!

✔ Create written goals, and design a personalized plan that gets you into action, and out there, pursuing a full, happy and successful life!

✔ Create the building blocks to achieve harmony between lifestyle & business!

Personal Mentoring

Let’s help you with your ‘calling’ and get you to the place where you are in the right mindset, better equipped and enabled with the right tools and the accountability partner to help you achieve your goals for life and business!

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Group workshops provide the support, motivation, strategies and skills that enable you to embrace new thoughts and actions that will improve the overall quality of your life, career or business alongside other like-minded women!

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You work hard, and this is the perfect break away to relax, de-stress, defrag, re-focus your mind, dine, be ‘treated’, be with like-minded fun women and think about nothing else except yourself as you enjoy, and reconnect to your mission.

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You’re not alone on your journey!

Help you find your ‘tribe’  | Provide friendships & educational opportunities | Support your advancement and connections through our FB group | Workshops and Training courses | Retreats

This journey is about providing you with the tools to help you be the best version of yourself, in all situations. This is achieved by helping to give you clarity, creating a mindset re-set, combating procrastination through correct systems, defeating self-sabotage, and building your self-confidence.

I bring you personalized support and a wealth of real ‘in the field’ wisdom, logic, systems, and strategies that will genuinely help you, along with the accountability to bring your goals into clear sight and fruition for long-term growth and success!