The Empowerment Project

Welcome, I’m Jane Elley. I help New Zealand women like you make big changes, crush your mindset blocks and get to next-level success in your life and business!

Business and Personal Coaching For Women

Discover the options and tools to achieve the positive, confident life and career you really want!


Personal Mentoring

Let’s help you with your ‘calling’ and get you to the place where you are in the right mindset, better equipped and enabled with the right tools to achieve great things in your life and business!

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The place where you get motivated to up-skill and embrace new thoughts and strategies for improvement in every area of your life, career or business!

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Online Courses

Do you love the idea of learning in your own time, from home and being encouraged and inspired with personal contact as well?  Make your choice between Personal or Business Development!

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Looking to unlock your potential, find your calling, and achieve success in life and business….

The Empowerment Project is for everyday women who are passionate about striving to achieve lasting success in their life and/or business. Who are open to learning solid strategies to bring measurable and profitable results, and who thrive on being elevated and uplifted to their full potential!

My passion Is in helping you . . .

Dig deep & overcome any fears or doubts you may have in yourself and life!

Build on your strengths so you really know and believe you can rely on yourself!

Help you reach your personal pursuit of happiness and success in life!

Create harmony and a good balance between life & business

The Empowerment Project community

Is where you’ll find your ‘tribe’   |

Provides social & educational opportunities   |

Brings new friendships through the connection of our ‘sisterhood’

Offers support and new experiences   | Provides a FB group membership  

Is where you’ll find your ‘tribe’

Provides social & educational opportunities

Brings new friendships through the connection of our ‘sisterhood’

Offers support and new experiences

Provides a FB group membership

How I Help To Change Your Life For The Better

This journey is about providing you with the tools to help you be the best version of yourself, in all situations. This is achieved by helping to give you clarity, creating a mindset re-set, combating procrastination through correct systems, defeating self-sabotage, and building your self confidence.

My personal and genuine approach aids this growth by providing caring accountability with a wealth of real ‘in the field’ wisdom, logic, systems, and strategies.

As a result, we can bring goals into clear sight and fruition for long-term growth and success!