✓ Personal Mentoring that takes you from stressed and overwhelmed, to excited and on-track to goal achievement
✓‘Experience-based’ Small Business Coaching & Mentoring
✓Personal-development workshops
✓Weekly Accountability Coaching
”SUCCESS is the sum of small efforts made often!”

Once I’m a client, what’s our next step?

I can’t wait! So the next step is for you to make contact via the online form, we then arrange a chat by phone/face-time to discuss your needs, you can fill out a cool Personality Profile and Q&A sheet to help us define our start point and plan to get you off and running!

How do we work out our schedules? At what times are consultations possible?

We work out the best option to suit you and your schedule, although I find it’s best to find a similar time, date, and place or format if we are doing this for some weeks. I am available weekdays, some evenings, and for occasional Saturday Workshops so am sure we can find something to suit you.

How will you evaluate and assess the success of our sessions and the process as a whole?

Every session is designed with our expectations in mind and we will define the outcome for the months ahead, establish what we will achieve through a paced process to keep us focused on your goals and needs as you progress. We will create a summary of our sessions with the next tasks to work on and schedule follow-up calls for further solutions if needed and to help keep you accountable to your goals.

At the end of our time together, you will receive a final assessment of your accomplishments where we will most definitely see great progress!

How would you define success?

Seeing you go from stressed and overwhelmed, to relieved, on-track and going confidently forward in your endeavors! That you have renewed energy, excitement and personal pride in yourself and in your mission! ”SUCCESS really is the sum of small efforts made often!”

How many years have you worked in this field of Coaching and why do you enjoy it?

I’ve been immersed in the world of Personal Development for Women and Independent Sales businesses, for 33+ years and helped many hundreds of women emerge and develop their own successful businesses too.

I currently work with a variety of women in all areas from Cosmetics, Photography, Yoga, Wellness, Coaches, Artists and women needing to create a fresh start in life, along with many others who’ve been in our self-development courses.

I have a passion for helping women gain or regain a positive mental attitude and for them to achieve long term personal success, with the bonus of connecting in our unique community that is, The Empowerment Project.

What is/are your area/s of expertise when it comes to training women in their own business?

Having started my own business from scratch and growing it to a network of thousands of women and customers over 3 decades I have a real passion for helping women through the hurdles so they can find the keys to success within themselves too.  Having attended many years of training seminars, events, webinars plus running many retreats, workshops and one on one empowerment sessions, it’s just natural and thoroughly enjoyable for me to continue to impart this knowledge and experience to women.

What are the average numbers of sessions clients have with you?

It is quite varied from one-off coaching sessions to get systems straight if you’ve already established a business, through to 2-12 sessions, if your’e starting a new venture and need a lot of support and step-by-step advice, a bit like using a road-map, with of course an accountability partner along the way.

What approach and philosophy do you bring to your Coaching/Mentoring?

I believe everyone is capable of greatness and far more than they dare to think, and I just love to see women using their god-given talents to find their pathway to success in their chosen endeavour. I’m into givngi as much as it takes in any given session, (perhaps more than is expected) if it means I can have my client nailing yet another level of effort and skill set. I care, and it’s all about relationship building to me!

What are your expectations of me as your client in the Coaching/Mentoring process?

That you have a true desire to ‘move the needle’, that you really want success, so when we unblock the obstacles, reset your plans, and have you learn new skill sets and strategies, that you will actually go ahead and make your goals happen. I guess a bit like a game of tennis, I will hit the ball into your court, and simply ask you to play it back!

What if I can’t afford the cost?

I want every woman who needs help to receive it, so If you have any ‘challenges’ financially, please talk to me about payment options!