Life Activation Project

Personal Mentoring

A Self-development Journey awaits you

The Life Activation Project is a month by month self-development journey where you will learn and develop your life, whether you are:

  • Struggling, or wanting to upscale your life or business
  • Stuck at the same income plateau you’ve been at for years
  • Frustrated because you want to grow but you’re not sure of the next step
  • Have self-doubt that you have the ability to make your dreams a reality
  • Or are too busy to do the things that matter most in your life
Life Application Project

10 Modules – 40 Online Lessons – Weekly Personalised Mentoring – Connection with like-minded women! Helping you build long-term success principles to living your life fully, by design and on purpose!

Life Activation Project

Life Activation Project Modules

Module 1: Goal Setting

Module 2: Self-Motivation

Module 3: Accepting Responsibility

Module 4: Personal Growth

Module 5: Positive Personality Traits

Module 6: Building Life & Business

Module 7: The Art of Building ‘Self’

Module 8: Ethics

Module 9: Persuasive Assertiveness

Module 10: Correcting Life & Career Killers

Dream It: It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more or maybe you just want to become a better person who is living her life on purpose!

Build It: In order to build something new, or tap into your ‘better self’, you need to work on eliminating negative self-belief so you can refocus on what will truly bring about change…this course will enable this process!

Grow It: By the completion of the FIRST module, you will be enlightened and have a true direction! As each month goes by and you go through the course your attitude will be evidence of the new altitude you will be reaching in your life!

$95 per month

OR $25 per week

One month FREE when signing up for 3 Modules!

REGISTER at ANY time to enroll for the next Module in the sequence.

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