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The Empowered Edge
The Empowered Edge

Weekly Self-development Online Coaching

“The Empowered Edge” is an Online Course designed specifically for women eager to tap into their true potential, elevate their lives, and make positive changes. It’s tailored to create transformative thinking, actions, attitudes, habits, lifestyles, and goals in personal, professional, and business lives.

You will form new habits of success, explore new perspectives & gain insights, wisdom & clarity, as well as new friends along the way!

  • Monthly Personal Growth Module 
  • With 4 x 40-minute, weekly online lessons
  • Free Resources to support your journey
  • Weekly accountability

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“I initially joined this course to progress my life, particularly in terms of changing my business direction. The consistent weekly connection kept me on track and extended me with new values, thoughts, ideas, and actionable tasks. I learned valuable things every week, thanks to the consistency and growth fostered by the program. The support and encouragement from the other ladies in the course were invaluable. We all had our unique business challenges, which provided opportunities for learning and mutual encouragement. Participating in this course is truly rewarding in numerous ways. I appreciate how each of us had different goals, yet we found common ground as we grew together each week, guided by Jane’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in motivation.”

Sue McGaw

The Empowerment Project Modules

Module 1: Unleash Your Potential

Module 2: Achieve Your Vision

Module 3: Embrace Empowerment

Module 4: Ignite Your Drive

Module 5: Radiate Positivity

Module 6: Thrive in Life and Business

Module 7: Crafting the Authentic You

Module 8: Thriving in Health & Wellness

Module 9: Assertive Influence Mastery

Module 10: Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Module 11: Time Management Mastery

Overcome your challenges and create the life you really want!

Join us and experience the transformative power of our weekly sessions, where you can overcome pressure, improve goal-setting and achievement, and develop discipline.

By attending regularly, you will stay fully engaged, committed, and embrace a new positive mindset.

As women, we understand the many roles we juggle, and this is the perfect place to learn how to manage them all, find happiness, and connect with our best selves.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community! Jane x

$99 per month

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