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EMPOWER your life OR business on every level!

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of home, through video, slideshows, documents, personal calls, and everything you need to set, manage and achieve your goals!

I help women in small business to plan & create systems for balance in home/ life/work and to confidently step out & grow their profitable business & passionate life!

“Style your future”

“Setting up for small business success”

Online Courses


“Style Your Future”

If you feel directionless, ‘goal-less’, bored, worried for your future, sick of your job or life as it is, and basically sick of being stuck in a rut! Then THIS course will bring you from the ‘now’ you live in – to the future you thought you couldn’t have!

Take a deep delve into new plans, strategies, mindset, attitudes, and make goals to move into a better future!

It’s a practical, thought-provoking, inspirational and activity-packed course that will bring about lasting change in your life!


“Setting Up For Small Business Success”

Taking you from stuck and overwhelmed, struggling to fit it all in, understanding the systems and marketing yourself to coping with the juggle of everything else – to a clear plan that builds clients, gets you organised and focused on the main thing – your passion and building your business with ease and harmony!

Yes, it IS possible! Discover how:

  • Create a realistic and immediate plan of action
  • Clarify your branding, clientele, and messaging
  • Build the product or your service offers
  • Build and book life long clients and referrals
  • Create sales and marketing presentations
  • Manage and systemize the daily admin tasks
  • Develop long-term customer care and systems
  • Create success goals and plans

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