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Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of home, through video, slideshows, documents, personal calls, and everything you need to set, manage and achieve your goals!

I help women in small business to plan & create systems for balance in home/ life/work and to confidently step out & grow their profitable business & passionate life!

“Style your future”

“Setting up for small business success”

Online Courses


“Style Your Future”

The Empowered Edge online

Are you feeling directionless, bored, concerned about your career or lifestyle, and basically sick of being stuck in a rut?

This course will bring you from the ‘now’ you live in – to the future you thought you couldn’t have with empowering processes, tools, and strategies to help you defrag and reset your new goals for the future.

It’s practical, thought-provoking, inspirational, activity-packed, and completely personalised to create lasting change in your life!


“Setting Up For Small Business Success”


This course is for you if you’re a businesswoman in the 6-month to 2-year stage of your entrepreneurial journey.  You could be feeling stuck, a little overwhelmed, struggling to find the right balance between work and lifestyle, and possibly needing to go to the next step but don’t quite know how you’ll cope with the juggle of everything you’ve got going on. 

This course is completely personalised to suit your unique circumstances giving you invaluable tools to hone your systems, strategies, mindset, and goals to accelerate your business’s success journey. 

I look forward to helping you unlock your potential so you can thrive in both business and life!

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