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Personal Mentoring

The Third Person Bio!

Jane Elley is the go-to mentor and coach for the regular woman that’s striving for a better lifestyle, wanting to create a new business, or upgrade her current one, or who is sick of the normal grind and wants to step it up and change her world!

She helps women change attitudes, release the fear of – anything pretty much, so they can create a better life and career!

Her Mentoring Sessions, Workshops, Online Courses, and of course the glorious Retreats, allow a fresh perspective and real-life roadmap to create a more fun and fulfilled life, without burnout!

Her Facebook community provides inspiration and the connection to a sisterhood of women who get to network, share what they do, and participate in online and face-to-face events throughout the year.

Who doesn’t need more positive, enthusiastic women on a mission in their life!

She loves challenges, walking in nature, holidays, and plenty of social time, and is a busy mum of 3 great kids. She loves the space and freedom of farm life and lives with her partner, her 2 teenagers still at home, 2 crazy dogs, 2 cats, 4 white ducks, and a big garden needing constant work!

Find her at…

Jane Elley

and why ‘The Empowerment Project’? . . .

Well, I had the BEST career ever – that was until March 2020 when my amazing, beautiful Company, (Mary Kay Cosmetics) suddenly announced to myself, my customers, and consultants they were closing the doors to New Zealand and Australia – permanently! To say I was shocked and emotional was an understatement, it was a successful 29-year career that I had loved, built from the ground up, developed incredible friends and relationships through, and of course, a thriving, successful income and lifestyle!

I was also not ready to stop doing what I loved the most, and certainly wasn’t going to let all this really valuable knowledge and mindset training just die away either!  So because I’m passionate about what I believe in, am not a quitter, and love a challenge . . .

And one extremely impactful way to do that I found, was to leap into the unknown universe of creating a new business from scratch, compose a website, write courses, create and run free workshops, market myself, do ‘social’ and find women to empower! (as a result, you not only get 29 years of my business ‘know-how’, but another 2 of ‘DON’T’ do’s, ‘TRY thats’ and ‘GIVE it a go’ advice too!)

So – What About You?

Do you have a dream to stretch out of your comfort zone, maybe grow your long thought of business, earn the money you deserve, create an amazing life, and maybe even make a big difference in the world?

WHEN YOU JOIN US, you receive QUALITY mentoring and training, become part of a truly supportive community that’s all about sharing ideas and celebrating successes so you get ‘to make it happen’ – a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined!

THROUGH BEING PART OF OUR PROJECT your life GROWS in many ways as you get to confront and change limiting beliefs on almost everything that can be thrown at you! And did I mention the accountability factor? Ahhh – the icing on the cake!

And did I mention the accountability factor? Ahhh – the icing on the cake!

How We Do It!!


Personal Mentoring: Develops your confidence from within through mindset, new personal skills, goals setting, accountability, and self-growth!

Business Coaching: Helps you establish or take the next step in your own venture, giving you invaluable personal and professional guidance, support, and experience plus the ‘cherry on the top’ – unique and plentiful ideas to help you on days you get ‘brain fog’! Ha Ha, they do happen!

You’ll know you are ready to take that leap of faith when you realise you are….

  • Stuck at the same income plateau you’ve been at for years.
  • Unsure of how to earn more without having to work harder.
  • Paralysed by fear and procrastinating on EVERYTHING.
  • Frustrated because you want to grow but you’re not sure of the next step.
  • Burnt out, exhausted, and chronically over-delivering.
  • Resentful that you’re not earning what you deserve.
  • Avoiding awkward money conversations with YOURSELF.
  • Like you’ve stalled in your life or business, and are even going backward.
  • The self-doubt that you’re ‘enough’ to make your dreams a reality.
  • Too busy to do the things that matter in life – missing out on the fun things.
  • Constantly stressed and feeling overwhelmed about life and money

My Business History

Gosh, going back over 29 years in one Company bought up some fabulous memories, and I remember having said that if they ever ‘took Mary Kay away’ I’d still have the personal growth, friendships, and ingrained philosophies to make my life richer.  And it certainly has, and now I get to pass the value and tools on to you!
So just to share, I had a career that took me around our lovely Country to work with Kiwi women who were prepared to stretch out of their comfort zones and lean in to the joy that a business can bring, I got to travel the world on trips with amazing people, in amazing places as a student and a teacher at events,  and am very proud to have been an Independent Senior Sales Director with the Direct Sales Company, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

.4 Times Number One position for Team & Sales Development in NZ/ Australia   •   Consistently and over 25 years, lead the Number One team in NZ and Top 5 positions within the Australasian subsidiary   •   3 times leading Top 10 Team & Sales Unit for the wider Asia Pacific region  • Earned 10 Worldwide Top Director Trips as awards for Unit Performance   •    Drove Free Luxury Pink Cars,  Unit Award incentives for 25 years   •   Annual ‘Miss Go Give’, a Company honour  •   3 times Record Breaker for Personal Team Building and Monthly Unit Sales  •   Earned multiple Diamonds and luxury gifts for Sales and Team performance  •    Mentoring, coaching, and training Consultants to develop and progress themselves to achieve successful businesses   •   Working with the development of 15 women into Sales Director positions   •   Providing and creating new and ongoing training, including in person, online and group coaching events  •   Teaching and mentoring at Company events in NZ, Australia, Asia   •   Providing consistent tracking, recognition, and incentives to support my team to reach their highest potential  •   Creation of marketing materials   •  Running Awards events and presenting prizes to high achievers   •   Regular coordination of sales and guest events for our customers and the public  •   Continually worked in the field presenting products, selling and recruiting personal clients into their own business   •   Continually attracted, managed, and maintained an extensive customer database

IN THE LAST TWO YEARS:  I have loved supporting women within The Empowering Project, through Personal Mentoring, Courses, Meetings and events and now The Life Activation Project among other things!  My continual passion is to help all women in their journey to success!