Personal Mentoring

It’s actually about you!

I wanted to give back!
I’d had an amazing business and learned so many good, practical, down-to-earth strategies and ideas that enabled me to live a really fun, focused, balanced career and lifestyle over the last 3 decades, that I knew it would be a real shame to let the strategies that enabled that to disappear!

So – with my philosophies, tools, and belief in what I bring to women, I have focused these valuable teachings and courses to provide women in life-changing times with the ‘magic recipe’ to a fulfilling lifestyle!

In 29 years of working with women, and from my personal experience too, when our mindset, goal setting, and systems are not in order, we are just not effective in life or in business.  We can spend our time juggling too much, putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, and become unhappy, simply due to a lack of direction!

So –  my coaching is friendly, relatable, and designed for the regular Kiwi woman who’s striving for a better life, career, or business, all round!

Let's get you soaring!

I bring the ‘realness’ to you, ‘normal’ everyday actual strategies and advice through personal coaching by, online or through many workshops or retreats!

So What About You?

Do you need support in helping your dream come to fruition?

Do you need to stretch out of your comfort zone, maybe grow your long thought of business, earn the money you deserve, create an amazing life, and make  big changes to your circumstances?

BEING PART OF OUR PROJECT your life grows in many ways as you confront and change your limiting beliefs about everything that has held you back before!  We are about ‘pushing’ you forward, and creating confidence and building your self-esteem, and did I mention the accountability factor? Ahhh – that’s the icing on the cake!

Why I Want To Help Women . . .

Having been enjoying a truly rewarding career for 29 years, loving my clients and training and working with wonderful Consultants, it came as a great shock when the Company announced the sudden closure of its doors to New Zealand and Australia, in March 2020, and as I wasn’t ready to stop, I decided to find a way to continue helping women tap into their amazing potential

“a VICTOR not a VICTIM” . . .

The Empowerment Project is about celebrating the strengths we have, finding that often hidden ‘genius zone’ and turning that into a vehicle for encouraging women to develop confidence in themselves in all ways from personal development to a thriving business.  Plus we are on our way to becoming a ‘movement’ for women who believe, it’s important to be a VICTOR and not a VICTIM to life’s ups and downs!

On a more personal note . . .

Who am I?   Just an ordinary woman who loves a good challenge, traveling overseas, walking in nature, holidays and boating, plenty of social time and wines with friends, and of course being a busy mum with my 3 great kids, one who’s 21 and flatting, and 2 teenagers still at home, along with 2 crazy dogs, 2 cats, 4 white ducks in the space and freedom of the farm in Springston, out of Christchurch, with my partner Dave!

Life Activation Project

How Do We Help You?  . . .

Want to set up or step up in your business?

Or do you need encouragement, tools, and empowering ideas to help you out of ‘stuckness’ and overwhelm?! 

With a simple change of strategy, we will adjust attitudes, release fears, and make an upgrade from enduring the normal grind to achieving a meaningful and worthwhile lifestyle!

We have Mentoring Sessions, Workshops, Online Courses, and absolutely wonderful Retreats to be part of, where each creates a fresh perspective and new roadmap for creating a more fun and fulfilling life or business.

Plus our Facebook community that provides a connection to like-minded women adding extra inspiration and encouragement.

My Business History

Gosh, going back over 29 years in one Company bought up some fabulous memories, and I remember having said that if they ever ‘took Mary Kay away’ I’d still have the personal growth, friendships, and ingrained philosophies to make my life richer.  And it certainly has, and now I get to pass the value and tools on to you!
So just to share, I had a career that took me around our lovely Country to work with Kiwi women who were prepared to stretch out of their comfort zones and lean in to the joy that a business can bring, I got to travel the world on trips with amazing people, in amazing places learning so much and also as a teacher at events, and am very proud to have been an Independent Senior Sales Director with the Direct Sales Company, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mentoring, coaching, and training Consultants to develop and progress themselves to achieve successful businesses   •   Working with the development of 15 women into Sales Director positions   •   Providing and creating new and ongoing training, including in person, online and group coaching events  •   Teaching and mentoring at Company events in NZ, Australia, Asia   •   Providing consistent tracking, recognition, and incentives to support my team to reach their highest potential  •   Creation of marketing materials   •  Running Awards events and presenting prizes to high achievers   •   Regular coordination of sales and guest events for our customers and the public  •   Continually worked in the field presenting products, selling and recruiting personal clients into their own business   •   Continually attracted, managed, and maintained an extensive customer database

4 Times Number One position for Team & Sales Development in NZ/ Australia   •   Consistently and over 25 years, lead the Number One team in NZ and Top 5 positions within the Australasian subsidiary   •   3 times leading Top 10 Team & Sales Unit for the wider Asia Pacific region  • Earned 10 Worldwide Top Director Trips as awards for Unit Performance   •    Drove Free Luxury Pink Cars,  Unit Award incentives for 25 years   •   Annual ‘Miss Go Give’, a Company honour  •   3 times Record Breaker for Personal Team Building and Monthly Unit Sales  •   Earned multiple Diamonds and luxury gifts for Sales and Team performance  •   

IN THE LAST TWO YEARS:  I have loved supporting women within The Empowerment Project, through Personal Mentoring, Courses, Luxury Retreats, numerous events, and The Life Activation Project among other things!  My continual passion is to help all women, like you, in your journey to success!