“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”

From Vet Nursing to Building Dreams

Hey there! Life throws curveballs, right? After over 30 years, mine included a dream of starting my own animal transport business! While that path took a detour, it landed me in a global company where I spent years building a successful career. That’s where I learned invaluable lessons about business, resilience, and the power of pursuing your dreams.

Now, I’m on a mission to empower women like you to build the life you crave!

Busy mum of 3 (1 grown-up and 2 teens keeping things lively!), with a menagerie of furry friends on our farm near Christchurch with my partner. Travel bugs at heart, we all love exploring nature and having fabulous family holidays and boating adventures. Plus the variety of fun activities and socialising with friends, and the inspiring women I meet through my business!

My coaching programs are designed to help you win on all fronts. Whether you’re seeking retreats, self-development course, supportive networking groups, or personalised coaching sessions, I offer a down-to-earth approach based on real-life experience.

Join me and a vibrant community of like-minded women! Together, we can build a foundation of support, forge empowering connections, and gain the knowledge and skills to create a fulfilling and joyful life. Let’s unlock your full potential and create the success you deserve!


      How Do I Help You?  

      Stuck in business or feeling overwhelmed?

      Let’s create a life that’s fulfilling and excites you!

      I offer coaching, workshops, and retreats to help you:

      • Find your business mojo (strategy shift!)
      • Boost confidence (release those fears!)
      • Build a life you love (meaningful & fun!)

      Plus, join our supportive Facebook and Networking community!

      Ready to crush your goals?

      Dreaming of "What If"?

      Do you need support in helping your dream come to fruition?

      Do you need to stretch out of your comfort zone, maybe build that long thought about business, earn the money you really deserve, create an amazing lifestyle, and generally make big changes to your circumstances?

      I once dreamt of starting my own animal transport business (who doesn’t love furry friends?), but life took a detour. But detours can be amazing! Mine led me to a successful career in a global company, where I learned the ropes on building a business, conquering challenges, and never giving up on your dreams.

      Now, I’m on a mission to help YOU become the confident, empowered woman you know you are! Ready to di