Personalised Mentoring

I help the everyday woman break through her mindset plateau to tap into her life and business potential!

You have a dream to stretch out of your comfort zone, maybe grow your long thought of business, OR earn the money you deserve, OR create your ideal lifestyle and make a real difference in the world.

I have the training, support, and community to make it happen – a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

Personalised Mentoring

Sharing 29 Years Of Practical Experience

Sharing over 29 years of strategies & ideas to help bring clarity, support, better performance, and results to you!

The Personalised Mentoring package you choose will be reflective of your requirements and the stage of personal and business development you’re at. I work to your strengths, keeping you focused on what counts and will make a difference toward you reaching your personal and business goals.

My time working with Jane, while short, was so eye-opening and confidence-boosting! You can feel genuine enthusiasm and support with each message/phone call. Knowledgeable, caring, and uplifting. I’d recommend Jane’s services to any and all that need them. Thank you again!
— Bel Butler

Kick-starter Session

A great place to start if you need the ‘how to’s’ and road map to get you goal directed, underway with a lifestyle change, or focused on building your business.

Feeling a little CRAZY, stressed, out of control or simply uncertain about the next steps for your life?!

Let’s help you work them out by conducting a little ‘defrag’ and ‘reset’ you so you’re on your way and happy again!

  • You’ll complete a goal setting exercise
  • We’ll get to the bottom of any blocks around that
  • We’ll create a workable plan together
  • We’ll create the right tools to keep you creating action and on-track
  • You’ll receive a report of your action steps
  • And as a further service, I’ll be there with advice, support, and care in an ‘after session’ catchup call
  • You will have the option to have ongoing 30-minute mentoring calls once a month to keep you on track and inspired!

$257 + GST
$57 + GST (ongoing monthly mentoring calls)

1-Hour, 1-Day a Week

Supercharged coaching that keeps you ‘on-point’ and accountable with step-by-step development adjustments in your day-to-day business and life.

Designed to create peak performance and habits of success. This WILL get you moving, keep you ‘on the hook’ and increase your results faster!

  • Receive a weekly worksheet to help develop and build clarity.
  • Connect by phone, zoom or face-time.
  • Receive a 5 min recording of your key ‘to-dos’ for the week ahead and a written progress report.

$107 + GST

Monthly Group Coaching – with Inner Circle Membership

Local MEETUPS and/or ZOOM’S every month.

If you’re like me, you love your independence but also love the social connection of other entrepreneurial women, which is WHY I’ve started this fabulous group time! 

It’s for me!  No – seriously, its for all of us, and it IS important!

SO – I cordially invite you to join other like-minded fun women who discuss and get to the bottom of those ‘roadblocks’ and issues we are often faced with when working from a home environment or sole-trader business! It can get lonely in business, so our meetups provide us with . . .

  • Tips, ideas, insights, and mindset shifts that will help improve your business performance and results in all areas of life. Come and share your wins, those annoying ‘challenges’, and let us in on your business too!
  • We do a ‘lesson of the month’, share wins and chat all things business and life!
  • We have actual Face-to-Face meetups (Covid willing!) as well as ONLINE meetups!

Don’t be lonely – join us!

Long-Term Personalised Mentoring

Sharing over 29 years of strategies & ideas to help bring clarity, support, better performance, and results to you!

The 4-week ‘Set Up For Success’


In just 4 weeks we get you underway, upgraded and in the RIGHT direction – so you’re out there with passion, focus and making a success of your business – FAST!

We focus on 4 key strengths:

  • Niche – Helping you define your niche, your market, and the people who you will now reach in a targeted way.
  • Purpose – Truly defining your purpose and creating the systems you need to keep to that, without deviating off course.
  • Challenges – Find the past obstacles, create new pathways and bring about a truly focused direction, with support tools to help you avoid them going forward.
  • Strategy – Keeping your business streamlined and doing things that are income-producing is the key, and you will come away with ideas and tools to do just that..

BONUS: Join our exclusive “Inner Circle Empowerment Project” F/B membership.

$960 + GST

The 6-week ‘You’re on a Mission’


Often 4 is just not enough – so we just keep going, step up the pace and extend the toolbox and get into the nitty gritty of marketing, admin, social media and developing success routines.  We create long-term personal and business habits, with the added advantage of complimentary access to:

  • Planning and Goal Setting workshop

BONUSES: The Empowerment Project Inner Circle FB group PLUS monthly strategy meetings with other members online or at face to face meetings through “The Empowerment Project” Inner Circle

PLUS: If adding on a further 6-week programme, receive a 15% saving!

$1440 + GST

The 12-week/month – ‘Empower Your Life’


As well as all the previous content we work through weekly ‘checklist coaching’ to get you tracking, focused on productive habits, and motivated toward your goals.

I’m here to make sure you have firmed up your monthly personal/business systems & strategies and that they are just humming along!  We keep building your customer reach, make sure you’re checking off the short-term weekly goals and that the building blocks of a streamlined work-life are now fully in place!

As well as full access to any of my library of checklists, cheat sheets, and resource kit of lifelong learnings, you will access an extra 2 workshops:

  • Mindset Reset
  • Communication Skills Workshop

BONUSES: All of the above AND a weekly touch-base personal accountability message or phone call!

$1739 + GST

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