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EMPOWER your business Journey!

Welcome to “Biz Chats” – Your Weekly Dose of Empowering Insights for Women in Small Business!

This Podcast is simply ‘real’ and features fabulous Kiwi business owners like you! Get ready for candid ‘real-life’ chats as these inspiring women generously share their journeys with us.

They will provide a treasure trove of unique practical knowledge, tips for conquering and overcoming self-doubt, the ‘how to’s’ of managing their mindset, marketing processes and so much more!

You will feel encouraged and empowered through the shared strategies and ideas you’ll hear about, and I’m sure it will help propel your business forward too.

Join us so you’re never alone! And who knows, you might be our next featured speaker!

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Let me know if you’d like to be a Guest Speaker!