Jane and clients having an afternoon networking session at The Empowerment Project.

“Get Into Action” Workshop

Thursday 20th June – Prebbleton, CHCH

Tired of feeling stuck? Let’s conquer your to-do list together!

Join us for a 2.5-hour powerhouse session brimming with inspiration, productivity, and connection.

Collaborate with phenomenal women who share your drive. We’ll have refreshments and a positive vibe to help you finally smash that project you’ve been putting off.

From social media strategy to website fixes, vision boards, or anything else on your agenda, this is your chance to GET. IT. DONE!

Don’t miss out on this fun and productive event. Register today!

Jane and clients having an afternoon networking session at The Empowerment Project.

Canterbury Women Rise

An Outstanding Success!

Our recent Canterbury Women Rise event was a resounding success, raising an incredible $2,000 for Kai For Kids!

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Over 75 guests enjoyed the event
  • Inspiring speakers shared real stories of challenges, triumphs, dreams and their tips for empowerment
  • Generous raffles and donations brought in over $800
  • Sales contributed an additional $1193

Everyone involved should be incredibly proud!

This is just one of many Canterbury Women Rise events planned to empower women across the region. The events feature inspiring talks from leading women who share their journeys, with a focus on:

  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • Personal growth
  • Achieving big goals

The events also support impactful organisations like Kai For Kids (providing lunches to schools) and Aviva (formally Women’s Refuge)

Want to get involved?

If your organization is interested in hosting a Canterbury Women Rise event in your town, reach out to Jane! Let’s work together to empower women and make a positive difference in our communities.

Jane and clients having an afternoon networking session at The Empowerment Project.

The Selwyn Women’s Network Meetup

Last Wednesday each month @ 9.15 to 10.30 @ Te Ara Atea, Rolleston Library, Canterbury

Craving connection, growth, and inspiration?

Join us for a monthly meetup of positive, empowering women who share knowledge and personal stories – from business tips to travel tales, self-help strategies to heartfelt hobbies!

Our inclusive atmosphere and supportive vibe make the Rolleston Library the perfect place for well-being and empowerment.  Each month, a member takes the stage, sharing their unique wisdom and experiences. Find your tribe within our vibrant community!

The Empowered Women’s Network Meetup

First Wednesday each month @ 11am to 12.15 @
THe Harvard Bar, 14 Henry Wigram Drive

Ditch the solo hustle and join our thriving tribe of small business women!

Ditch the isolation for an hour and come join our sisterhood of home-based business women for inspiration and to share strategies, find mentors and the cheerleaders who get ‘your hustle’!  Enjoy a cuppa, get to celebrate each other’s wins, and enjoy the break from the mundane in a lovely cafe environment!

Jane and clients having an afternoon networking session at The Empowerment Project.
* Define your business & who needs what you<br />
   have to offer<br />
* Develop your business plan to support your<br />
   purpose, vision, & goals<br />
* Form a winning marketing strategy so your<br />
   ‘people’ know who you are & how to find you<br />
* Get yourself 'out there' in social media & email<br />
* Develop business systems for effective &<br />
   simplified management<br />
* Manage the juggling act of working from home<br />
   & running a successful business<br />
* Help you create essential habits for success.<br />

Business Success Strategies for Female Entrepreneurs

Reclaim Your Business Mojo and Thrive!

Recapture the thrill of day one in your business journey as this course reignites your passion through creative systems and strategies, supercharging your business while empowering you with renewed excitement and confidence for a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

With challenges of time constraints, family dynamics, other work, lack of funds, and the general overwhelm that owning a business can bring, in this course, you learn how to:

  • Define your business & who needs what you have to offer
  • Develop your business plan to support your purpose, vision, & goals
  • Form a winning marketing strategy so your ‘people’ know who you are & how to find you
  • Get yourself ‘out there’ in social media & email
  • Develop business systems for effective & simplified management
  • Manage the juggling act of working from home & running a successful business
  • Help you create overall habits for success.

Includes a FREE 20-minute 1-1 strategy Recap

6 x 60-minute sessions
3 x 90-Minute sessions

Mindset makeover the Empowerment Project

Unstuck Method Coaching

Unlock your potential, navigate obstacles with confidence, and embrace growth. Let’s design your fulfilling future, together.

Do hidden doubts and lingering “what ifs” hold you back from your true potential?

In this interactive workshop, we’ll uncover and shatter the limiting beliefs that keep you from personal, professional, and business growth.  In this safe and supportive space, you’ll gain clarity, courage, and a powerful new belief in yourself.   Learn actionable steps to set and achieve meaningful goals as you navigate the challenges with confidence.  Unlock your hidden potential and design a life filled with purpose and direction.  This isn’t just a workshop, it’s a launchpad to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and discover what has been holding you back in your personal, professional, or business life!

Course Includes a FREE 20-minute 1-1 Strategy Pre-Session
AND Follow-up Post-Session

4 x 60-minute sessions

Goal Setting

Ditch the to-do list, and grab your vision board! This interactive journey explodes your limitations, equips you with powerful tools, and turns your wildest dreams into actionable plans.

Imagine waking up to a life you can’t wait to chase!

This isn’t your average goal-setting course, it’s a transformational deep dive into overcoming the blocks that have held you back and where you regain the confidence to create purpose-filled goals.  We build the plan, design the steps, make your vision board, and empower you to turn your ‘maybes’ into ‘I am doing it’!  


Course Includes a FREE 10-minute 1-1 progress recap call

2 x 90-minute sessions
Group workshop        $397
Personal workshop    $597