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SATURDAY, 27 AUGUST 2022 FROM 09:00-16:30 Wellbeing & Mindfulness Day Retreat @ 'Memories' 227 Leeston Rd, Springston, Lincoln 7674, New Zealand

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Day Retreat

Join us for an experience that as busy women we SO often justify ourselves OUT of doing!
This wonderful day will soothe & pamper your mind, body, and spirit as you indulge in an awakening, enlightening & relaxing journey through yoga, meditation & your choice of Reiki or Reflexology, plus a fun & fabulous Styling session and a Mindfulness wksp, and of course, beautiful food to sustain you throughout the day! This very special experience will fill your cup, de-stress your life and guide you in the creation of new pathways going forward!
You deserve it!
So if you’re reading this and it sounds amazing, but you’re doubting whether you can afford this time out just for you, the money invested just on yourself OR the good óle, do I DESERVE to treat myself to this level of indulgence for a whole day . . .

Just think on this . . .

* Why DON’T you deserve to treat yourself?
* Why can’t you spend one whole wonderful day to soothe & pamper your mind and spirit?
* When will you otherwise indulge your senses, taste buds, mind, body & soul all in one day?
* How would it feel to awaken & enlighten yourself through the relaxing journey of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki or Reflexology?
* Do you need some fun, a wardrobe overhaul & styling advice to make you feel amazing?
* And is it time to find your true path, make a Mindset Reset & enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women who like you, will go away with cups refilled & a new plan for positive change in mind, body & soul?!
* The Crem Dela Crem will be the delightful food you’ll dine on throughout the day with our host’s special class on how to take a generic and staple meal & turn it into X FACTOR status!
To make it a truly special day we have limited the experience to just 24 women so you get to enjoy personalised, genuine care and attention and a special goodie bag and gift- because you deserve it!

The whole day’s experience is just $339.
Please make your booking through the link.
For full information about each of our practitioners, treatments, and the workshops you’ll be treated to, see the info in the attached document titled – Day Retreat info pack.

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