Personal Mentoring

DESIGNED FOR WOMEN who are . . .

Overworked, overwhelmed, tired, or simply looking for a wonderful place to take a break away from the normal hum-drum of life and the daily grind.

Our Retreats are held in stunning locations and venues to ensure peace and comfort while you receive professional care and attention from our lovely practitioners who provide modalities to help you to create a balance, learning, and change in your life, along with delicious food, restful time out, and lots of fun, interesting, and inspiring connections with like-minded women.


Make the escape

  • Sometimes in life, it’s just important to ‘make the escape’ from your normal environment, its stresses, and even the people closest to you, not for any other reason than regaining your personal space, and recharging your batteries without having to think of the everyday pressures.  It’s OK to take this special time out to recharge and get your mind and body future-fit!
  • Enjoying beautifully prepared nutritious food and beverages is a WONDERFUL time to share and enjoy the company of other lovely women!
  • Defragging and detoxing the mind is part of the BLISS as you go for walks, experience yoga, meditation, body balance, sound healing, or whatever else we decide to include to make your stay AMAZING1
Personal Mentoring


  • The restful and re-energizing environment of Retreat has rekindled your passion and opened your mind to new and exciting pathways in your life.
  • You’ve been inspired by workshops where you learned, shared your thoughts and ideas, asked questions, and had inspirational conversations that unlocked any blocks you had.
  • Your wellness journey has been fully encouraged and aligned, enabling a new inspired direction for your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.
  • You’ve goal-set, made a mindset reset, and have a vision and the strategy to achieve the next steps in your life! I LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU TO OUR NEXT RETREAT!


1-Day  OR   3-day/2-night Retreat options

Whichever option is available to you,  you will get to step back from stress, think deeper, find your focus and take care of yourself!

Every one of our Retreats has a goal to help you achieve rest, rejuvenation, and change, and we do this by gathering the best and most dedicated practitioners available, to ensure you receive what you need and deserve from this wonderful experience.

* De-stress
* Defrag
* Relaxation
* Walks
* Various treatments
* Wellness sessions
* Delicious and nutritious food
* Beautiful accommodation
* Personal reflection time
* Empowering mindset workshops
* Creation of new pathways
* Upskilling
* Energy renewal
* Reconnection to your life’s mission
* Creation of a new life plan and goals
* Journaling time
* Special gifts
* Sisterhood
* New empowering connections

The ONE day 'Nourishing, Wellbeing & Mindfulness' Day Retreat

This opened up a whole network of like-minded women to me who are incredibly supportive and amazing!  There was so much sharing of knowledge and a real genuine desire to see everyone reach their goals. The Retreat gave me timeout for myself and a chance to focus on what is important to me and what steps I could put in place to live my best life.  I really look forward to future meet-ups and have already made some lovely friends along the way.   Janine 

The THREE day 'Rejuvenation & Reset' Retreat

Thank you so much for doing what you do!  The Oamaru Retreat was transformative to say the least and absolutely amazing!   You have such a talent and quest to improve women’s lives.  I love spending time with you and am so excited to start on my new plan to create The Craft Circle networking group we came up with at Retreat.  I have my enthusiasm and purpose back, which I lost through the big move from Auckland to Picton where we created a new life to be near our daughter and grandchildren.  So – it’s started!!!!!   Maureen
Personal Mentoring


A first for The Empowerment Project, the collaboration with Yoga by Karma and top practitioners to create a truly one-of-a-kind Retreat that will have women enjoying a wonderful experience and a physical, spiritual, & mindset transformation.   Expect to open your heart, uncover what’s been limiting you, step into clarity & create a reset in your health, well-being & life’s purpose!

As with all The Empowerment Retreats, we strive to provide the ultimate in total time out for you,  getting to do all those things we as women love while participating in and learning modalities and strategies that will bring life-long benefits too!