Women I work With

Linda Melhuish – Unlimited Life Solutions

“Working with Jane helps me keep on task and accountable with what I want to achieve in my business. I have some big goals and sometimes it’s easy to get diverted.

Her coaching expertise and drive to help her clients is invaluable. I’m very grateful to have Jane and enjoy her positive and light-hearted approach, she’s the ideal person to coach me as part of my team to get things done.

Because of her many years of network marketing and home-based business experience, her coaching and mentoring style is fabulous for mine and anyone else who works in these types of businesses too”

Bel Butler

“My time working with Jane, while short, was so eye-opening and confidence-boosting!

You can feel genuine enthusiasm and support with each message/phone call. Knowledgeable, caring, and uplifting. I’d recommend Jane’s services to any and all that need them. Thank you again!”

Bailey Hughes

“Every time I meet with Jane I leave feeling inspired. She is amazing at creating confidence not only in my business but in me. A session with Jane is uniquely structured to suit every woman, I felt like I had my number 1 supporter behind me.

Jane provides techniques to help you move your business forward towards success. I would recommend Jane to any woman looking for an amazing mentor in business and in life. ”

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